Prairie Reconstruction
 Friday, April 18, 2014


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Prairie Reconstruction

One of the fun things about prairie reconstruction is watching it change and mature. With some work and lots of patience, you should be able to develop an ecologically sound, low maintenance prairie reconstruction that you will be proud to own.  Always keep in mind that while a prairie reconstruction or restoration involves the planting of many beautiful wildflowers and grasses, you are actually planting an ecosystem, not a traditional flower garden. Nature may take many years to turn your project into a balanced ecosystem.  By working with nature, you can speed up this process, but it will still take several years for high quality results.

Prairie plantings use long-lived perennial wildflowers and grasses which are native to our area and are highly adapted to our climate.  They should not be confused with generic "wildflower" packages that contain mostly annual or short lived perennials sold by many large chain stores.  They are beautiful but require more maintenance and must be replanted every year or two in our climate.