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 Wednesday, April 16, 2014


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Moving Timetable

Problem Species


Moving Timetable

First Year
Never let the weeds or competitive species grow taller than one foot.  Mow a minimum of three or four times during the summer to a height of 4-6 inches.  A flail type mower or stalk chopper works best.  If a sickle or rotary mower is used, mow often enough so that clippings do not gather in a thick row at the edge of the mower and smother the prairie seedlings.  Pulling weeds in the first year is not recommended as tiny prairie plants will inadvertently be uprooted.

Second Year
Mow once or twice in spring or early summer.  Some persistent, perennial weeds may need to be carefully pulled or spot sprayed for a year or two.

Third Year and Beyond
Burning or spring mowing every year or two will permanently maintain your prairie by stimulating the prairie plants and setting back small trees and shrubs.