Wednesday, April 23, 2014


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Seedbed Preparation

There are several ways to prepare a site for seeding.  Important factors for a successful planting are: contact of seeds with the soil, a firm seedbed, and some method of discouraging competition from weeds.

Begin by plowing or tilling your area in the fall or early spring. Continue to dig, disc, or till your area shallowy at two week intervals, repeating three or four times to kill as many germinating weeds as possible. After your last tilling, smooth your soil by raking or dragging your site with a farm harrow, weighted chain link fence or similar equipment to make the area as smooth as possible.

Ridding your site of problem perennial weeds and grasses can be accomplished in two ways.  If you prefer not to use chemicals, additional tillings for up to one growing season may be needed. A glyphosate chemical such as Roundup can be used before your first tilling or between tillings to kill many persistent weeds.  Be sure to wait one week after application before tilling.  Glyphosates kill only growing plant tissue and will not affect any future plant growth.

Large areas of sod or grass such as a golf course or a pasture can be planted with a no-till grass and flower drill without tilling the sod. Simply burn or remove the existing plant material and spray with Roundup when the grass is four or five inches tall. The site is now ready for planting.